Everything about custom made packaging

When customers purchase a product made of pure mulberry silk, they expect the product packaging to be of the highest quality. So we offer a variety of silk product packaging.

Many customers ask, can I customize my unique product packaging with my private logo on it?

The answer is yes.

There are some choices of packaging: paper boxes, plastic boxes, and paper bags and pouches.

We offer a single silk pillowcase packed in a box. Or a silk set box with a pillowcase, an eye mask, and a hair tie. You can also have this packaging, in which a silk bonnet is packed inside a box with an eye mask and a hair tie included.

Pillowcase Packaging

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Silk Set Boxes

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting high-quality silk products including pillowcases, eyemasks, bonnets, pajamas, scrunchies, etc. They are made from 100% Grade 6 silk. They are a great addition to any bedroom.

Silk Scrunchies packaging

About product packaging for silk scrunchies: We can put a scrunchie in one polybag, pouch, or plastic box. You can print your private logo on the box.

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Silk Eyemask packaging

This picture shows the packaging box of the eyemask.

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And this picture is the box of the silk set; you can put an eye mask, a hair tie, and a pillowcase in a box.


Or you can put a single eye mask in a pouch, we have polyester fabric pouch and silk fabric pouch for your choice.

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About the logo on the box

There are two different ways of printing, Hot transfer printing and ordinary printing.

This is a gift box sticker. There are three colors of gift box stickers (silver, gold, rose gold)

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Hot to get my custom packaging

Choose the packaging style that you like the most. If you have some special requirements, please send us your photo of the design. We will custom-make the packaging following your requirements.

We have a wide range of options for our customers to customize their silk bedding products. This includes the option to design your packaging or order a stock design. You can have your packaging printed at our factory or an off-site printing facility of your choice.

We have some stock boxes for eyemasks, pillowcases, and bonnets, with a small minimum order quantity. You can order any quantity. We can put a hot stamping logo on it. If you want to order this box, we will give you a discount.

If you need a custom box, we will make a sample box with your logo for you as soon as possible. Once you are satisfied with it, we will proceed with the bulk order.

Are you interested in starting your brand now? Send us an inquiry below.

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