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Pillow Case Wholesale

OKEO-TEX 100 certificated

Pillow Case Wholesale

✔️100% Bamboo Grade 6A

✔️More than 10 years of experienced workers

✔️Inspect your every order to ensure and improve the quality

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Choose The Right Silk Fabric According to Your Budget

16mm silk

19mm silk

22mm silk

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Relatively thin,  slightly transparent, making it less suitable for a silk pillowcase. After multiple washes, it is prone to damage, which may lead to customer dissatisfaction.

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Being a popular choice in the market, 19mm silk thickness boasts a high level of customer satisfaction with minimal quality issues. Relatively affordable price. More than 50 color options.

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The 22mm silk fabric is widely used. Higher fabric density,  superior hand feel, durable, softer, smooth and functional. 30 in stock colors and custom colors available.

25mm silk

30mm silk

Single side silk

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The 25mm silk is slightly increase in thickness compared to 22mm, providing a luxurious feel with a slightly higher price.  Excellent choice for those seeking a premium silk option.
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Experience the Ultimate Luxury:The 30mm silk  offers exceptional quality and luxurious feel. With its heavier weight and increased density,Ensures the perfect balance of luxury and longevity.
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The bright and shining 22mm 6A silk fabric used by famous brands, more glossy than ordinary silk fabrics. More than 36 colours in stock. Customize colours available.

Choose the size

Choose from our Standard, Queen, or King sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your market.

Provide Standard Size Silk Pillowcase (20”*26”), Queen Size Silk Pillowcase (20”*30”) and King Size Silk Pillowcase (20”*36”).Custom size available.


Choose The Pillowcase Closure

Envelope Silk Pillowcase

Hidden Zip Silk Pillowcase

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An overlap closure on top or center of reverse side with three sides seamless sewed. Securely keeps your pillow in place without the risk of damage. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind during daily use.
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We use brand zippers, such as SBS, YKK, etc, to have low wear and be smoother. Easily into the pillow and prevents movement. Not easily broken. 

Choose How to Sew The Edge

Housewife edge

Oxford edge

Piping edge

Housewife edge pillowcase are usually refered as the standard pillowcases, which fits neatly around pillow
1-4cm around the edge, making the pillow more beautiful and elegant.
Customize to your preferences!
The piping can be in the same color as the pillowcase or in other colors like black and white, so that the pillowcase is more flat and durable.

Why Our Quality is Better


Grade 6A

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Okeo-tex certified

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Neat stitches




Premium embroidery

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Delicate print

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Gift packing

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Premium zipper

Chose How To Add Your Patern Or Logo

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OKEO-TEX eco-friendly digital print

A variet of floral patterns, unique paisley patterns-not just solid colors

Print on one side or dual side

Experience the luxurious sensation of sleeping on silk

Delicate embroidered patterns

Branding your own logo

1-2 Color sample logo

Experience the luxurious sensation of sleeping on silk

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Artworks Taking

Preparing artworks or website for you if you need. Help you dominate the market ASAP.
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 For stocked products, 10pcs/color for one style.The more you order the cheaper.

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OEM Custom Service

 We can help you develop your design,color,fabric and keep it confidential.

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Our Team

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Team Building
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Happy Clients

Feedback of Clients

“I absolutly love it , it is very gentle on hair,Professional team, great quality, and after-sales service, they are worthy to cooperate, wish we could design and cooperate more and more styles together in near future, awesome!.”
“We have been in this silk product area for more than 10 years, but never meet this kind of good service, firstly this supplier have a good quality to trust, that would help you so dominate market easily, secondly, they can help you to perfect your advertising. Amazing experience. .”
“Thanks for your hospitalit,your products are of good quality,I hope we can maintain our cooperative relationship,I will order more soon”

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