Can I add my private logo on the silk products?

Silk sets: pillowcases, scrunchies, pajamas, bonnets, bedsheets, eyemasks are one of the most luxurious products in the world. And have always been popular and are widely used in daily life and travel. Our customers come from hotels, beauty salons, boutiques, bedding companies, etc.


Can I add my private logo on the silk products?

Some of our customers often ask me if they can put their unique logo on the products. The answer is yes. But there is a problem. The cost is expensive. If we do not have a large quantity, the average cost of each product will be high. If we order hundreds or thousands of them, the average cost of the logo on each product will be significantly smaller.

There are usually several types of logos.

White fabric tags: these are less expensive and easier.

Embroidered logos: beautiful, but the cost is high. It is generally placed on the chest of the pajamas. If you order dozens of these is not recommended. If you are ready to order hundreds or thousands of the products, this way is more workable. Or, if you are not price-sensitive, you can also use this.

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Silk zipper pillowcase with white tag

Printed logos:

This method is not recommended if you are ordering a few dozen. If you plan to order hundreds or thousands, the price per product, including the logos, will be within our acceptable range.

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A print logo silk bonnet

Hot stamping:

This method is easy to operate for small quantities. The price is lower.

But suitable for small products such as eye masks.

Because this is not suitable for washing, the marker may appear to roll up the situation if you wash more times.

You can put the marker on a few. Then there is no other way to put my logo?

Of course, we can print the logo on the box you like, such as this.

The initial order quantity is usually 200 boxes, and if you can’t use them all at once, you can also store them in our factory. Next time you order, you can continue to use it.


What is the cost of the embroidery logo and print logo?

The cost of embroidery and print logo depends on the size and pattern of your logo. Please show us your artwork to check the cost of it.


Add your private logo on a product sometimes takes a few extra days, normally 3days, in rush time, around 7days.

If you have any requirements, please send us an inquiry.


Q1: Can we get a sample with my private logo for reference?

 A: Charges will be returned after placing the order.

 Q2: Do you accept small quantity orders?

 A: Yes, we are glad to make trial orders with small quantities for some new-starting companies. As we know, it’s necessary to do a test order initially, and we are glad to support those buyers. 

 Q3: May I get a lower quotation?

 A: A reasonable discount will be given if there is a large quantity you order. We may know that the more you order, the less the cost.

 Q4: I am a designer. Can you produce my design?

 A: We accept OEM service. Usually, we do customers’ designs. And you will only have to provide us with the design files, and then we can copy them.

 Q5: What is your payment method?

 A: T/T, Western union, Stripe, Paypal, and L/C at sight are acceptable. 

 Q6: What kind of transportation service can you provide?

 A: By sea, by air, by courier.

 Q7:How do you guarantee your quality?

 A: The best way is to inspect the shipment by your Chinese agency. If you don’t have a Chinese agency, you can check it once you receive the cargo. Please check it within a week. If there are any defective products, we will afford all the losses caused by us.

 Q8: What is your lead time?

 A: The lead time varies according to quantity and products. 2 weeks is enough for most products. If you need the shipment urgently, we will try our best to finish them in time.

 Q9: What is the MOQ for your products?

 The MOQ depends on your requirements(color, size, material, etc.

If you have more questions,please mail us at

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