What is the difference between mulberry silk and real silk

Real silk is synthesized on the basis of mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is the raw material, and real silk is a processed fabric. Mulberry silk has good extensibility, good heat resistance, and is not resistant to salt water erosion. Real silk is interwoven The fabric has good elasticity and relatively small shrinkage. Silk includes mulberry silk, tapioca silk, tussah silk, etc., so strictly speaking, mulberry silk is a kind of real silk.

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The difference between mulberry silk and real silk
Real silk is a fabric processed on the basis of mulberry silk. It is named in order to distinguish it from artificial silk. As long as it is the natural protein silk produced by animal silkworms, it can be called real silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, cassava silk, and celestial silk. Among them, mulberry silk has the best quality and the most expensive price.
Silkworm fabrics can be divided into: silk chiffon, silk georgette, silk organza, plain crepe satin, mulberry band, double joe, crepe de chine, veil, etc. according to modern textile technology. Xiangyun yarn fabric is more popular among them, but the price is relatively expensive. Many silk fabrics on the market that claim to be xiangyunsha are actually dyed, not real xiangyunsha.
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Real silk clothing,silk home sleep wear, must be marked with words such as mulberry silk on the fabric composition of the washing label, and those marked with cellulose fiber, regenerated cellulose fiber, viscose fiber, etc. are all rayon. High-quality mulberry silk clothes are soft and silky to the touch without lumps. Inferior mulberry silk has a poor touch, rough to the touch, and no soft and delicate feeling.

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