What Does 6A Mean for 100 percent mulberry silk fabric?

Silk fabric is one of the softest and most luxurious cloth materials in the world. This fabric is made of a fine (but firm) fiber of silkworm cocoons that are unraveled and spun into yarn. With such a complicated silk-making process so that silk fabric products can cost pretty high.
When it comes to your living room or bedroom linens, though, there are a lot of soft & much cheaper options out there. So are the Grade 6A silk and Mulberry Silk?

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What Is Grade 6A Silk?
The grade A silk fabric also has very few clumps of Silk. Over time, clusters of soft silk fabric will get clumpier & it will have air pockets in the nearby area. When this silk fabric gets rubbed over and over against cover fabrics, it’ll also get clumpier.
The Silk will diminish the actual warmness of a silk fabric comforter. Because silk grade 6A comforter drapes around you, & air pockets in the fabric will feel like pretty uncomfortable cold pockets. With Grade A silk fabric containing minimal clumps, your silk comforter will be able to get even warm.
There are grade AAA, grade AA, grade BBB, grade BB, grade CCC & grade CC respectively. These grades of silk fabric are standardized within the silk-producing industry in China, and there are quality, inspection, & testing bureau to help buyers verify the grades.
Also, without the availability of clumps for this fabric, this soft silk fabric comforter can maintain its silk floss batting structure much better, thus enhance the softness and longevity of the comforter. A good and pure silk fabric material can last 10+ years.
You may think why people even use grade C material for silk comforters? The answer is the demand for these fabrics. There’s an extremely limited production of soft silk floss per year, with high demand around the world, many silk manufacturers use grade C silk to fill orders.

What is Momme?
Pronounced as “moe-mie” and is abbreviated as “mm”, momme is a unit of measurement. In love with silk fabric? Its momme weight & density should be the first thing a buyer should look for.
You may be assuming, ‘Why not use thread count?’ Well, thread counts are actually used for cotton fabric. Because silk threads are more refined and can quickly reach a higher number, customers will have difficulty using the usual system when determining the grade 6A silk quality.

Why Is Momme So Crucial In Silk?
The Silk’s momme count can give you an idea of how durable the silk fabric is. The higher the momme silk fabric weight – the thicker the material, and the better the quality, you will enjoy your silk items for many years to come.

Why You Should Invest in a 22-Momme Silk Pillowcase.
It’s super soft & reduces friction against the hair & skin (no more bedhead or any premature wrinkles
Silk is not as absorbent as cotton fabric, so it’s a perfect choice for a pillowcase. While astounding as a bath towel, it sucks away moisture from the hair and skin, which you don’t want if you want them to stay healthy and hydrated. A 22-momme silk pillowcase is softer and more hair and skin-friendly than a lower-momme silk or cotton pillowcase.
The more durable the Silk is, the higher the momme, so it will stay looking and feeling fabulous for longer.
We’ll be going into the pros of soft silk pillowcases for the hair & skin in more detail in future posts, so definitely check our future posts!

What is 100% Mulberry Silk?
Mulberry Silk is one of the most used and one of the most famous Silks around the world. But is its popularity justified? What makes Mulberry Silk fabric different from other Silk materials, and what makes it rather expensive?
The complexity of the production process of Mulberry doesn’t stop Mulberry Silk fabric from being famous. But why is that? The answer is straightforward: Mulberry Silk threads are much smoother, firmer, and more refined than any other variety of Silk in the world.
Fun fact, with the same diameter, Mulberry Silk fabric is more vital than steel. Even though it is solid, Mulberry Silk fabric is lower in density than cotton & wool. It gives it the ability to keep as much as a third of its weight in moisture without feeling dampness. So, this fabric doesn’t need any ‘airing out’ & will remain odorless.

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