The varieties of silk

The varieties of silk fabrics are divided into many categories, including spinning, wrinkle, satin, damask, yarn, brocade, silk, kudzu, etc. Pure silk fabrics refer to fabrics that use 100% silk and are not mixed with other ingredients. The silk feels soft and elegant, the texture is delicate, and there will be wrinkles when you grasp it.

The most common varieties of silk
Plain crepe satin is the most familiar silk to the public. Usually, the silk products in the concept are all of this kind, which is a conventional fabric among all real silk fabrics.
Sangbo satin, similar to plain crepe satin, is also a conventional fabric in silk fabrics. It is a plain crepe forging of jacquard, which belongs to silk jacquard fabric.
Stretch crepe satin stretch satin, not 100% mulberry silk, the main components are 90%-95% mulberry silk, and 5%-10% spandex, it is an interwoven fabric.
Fragrant cloud yarn, silk fragrant cloud yarn, also known as yam yarn, commonly known as chamomile yarn, cloud yarn, is a silk product in Guangdong, and it is troublesome to make. It is an ancient hand-made plant dyeing in China.

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