Satin vs. Silk Pillowcases for Hair: What’s the Difference?

Learn the distinction and also the benefits and drawbacks of each pillow case material.
The closest point most of us will get to sleeping on a cloud is with a satin or silk pillowcase. If the best present you can give somebody is a consistent trendy side of the pillow, well, plainly, they were referring to what fabric you need to be sleeping on, and also satin and also silk often tend to always be a cooler choice– both actually and also figuratively.

So what’s the difference between satin and also silk? One comes from worms, and the other does not? Certain, that’s an instead … simplified sight on the entire, slightly complex event. We asked all-natural hair stylist as well as trichologist to break down the distinctions between silk and satin, and also which one is finest for you and also your hair. Continue reading for what they needed to say.

What Is Silk?
Remember the thing about the worms from earlier? That wasn’t exactly a joke: Silk is an all-natural healthy protein fiber produced by a few loads sorts of insects around the globe. It was first created in ancient China around 8,500 years earlier and by 1100 B.C., Chinese silk was located in Egypt.

Silk is a glamorous, decadent fabric, and we also need to treat our hair with the exact same state of mind: Hair fibers are our own special glamorous textile, rotated from our head. Silk is beneficial to the hair due to the fact that it is a breathable textile enabling blood circulation as well as avoiding the dampness from night sweats from obtaining caught at the origin of the hair, It also aids to decrease the friction between our hair fibers and cotton textiles. The structure of the material assists to preserve all-natural shine and freshly burnt out and also styled hair.”

Silk is hypoallergenic and less absorbent, preventing the trapping of oil or germs on the pillowcase, which profits the skin as well as skin. “Silk hair protectors like headscarfs or hoods help in reducing the friction triggered by laying on a cotton cushion, which causes split ends, binding, frizz, tangles, as well as hair damage,” describes Bergamy. “Silk assists to keep the moisture in the hair, while cotton pillows or scarves absorb all-natural oils leaving hair weak as well as dry.”

What Is Satin?
You recognize exactly how a gown is not a gown, yet all dress are gowns? Satin and silk are sort of similarly– satin is technically a sort of weaving, as opposed to a type of material. At one time, satin was commonly made from silk, however in the modern, it’s not uncommon to locate blended satin blends that consist of artificial fibers like cotton, rayon, as well as polyester.

Blending satin with synthetic fabrics can cause textiles that can be much more flexible and also smoother than real silk, which is a terrific benefit to hair and also scalp. “Satin is much more flexible, as it relocates with the hair which minimizes the rubbing in between the hair fiber as well as the pillow case or surface area,” explains Hill. Satin likewise offers the very same benefits as silk: It is hypoallergenic, less absorbent, and also breathable.

What’s the Distinction?
The largest distinction in between silk and satin is cost: Silk is more elegant and also pricier, while satin is much less costly and frequently blended with various other textiles, which indicates it can be a very easy method to conserve some coin.

Satin pillowcases are much more easily accessible and less complicated to clean up since they are made with synthetic products that can be thrown right into the washing machine. Keep in mind that silk is an all-natural fiber and also satin is not, as well as examine to make sure you’re really obtaining the genuine thing– you ‘d be amazed. “Be unsure of sateen, which is cotton with a various weave,” says Hill. “Despite the fact that sateen can feel smooth and smooth like silk or satin, it is cotton, and will not deliver the exact same advantages to scalp as well as hair as utilizing silk or satin will.”

The Final Verdict
When it comes down to it, whether satin or silk is much better for your hair is established by exactly how harsh of a sleeper you are. As long as it is silk or satin, and you can make it through the night with it still on your head, bonnets regulation. For those who are rambunctious as well as rowdy under the covers, pillowcases may be a more secure bet.

” My professional advice is [to] make use of what jobs best for your sleeping circumstance as well as hair texture, type, and length,” states Hill, discussing that she’s personally pro pillowcases because of the dual advantage to the skin on her face. Bergy believes silk is better for all hair appearances, however specifically as an added layer of defense for textured as well as curly hair.

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